The late Harvey Pekar left behind several projects in various stages of composition, but none was as close to him as CLEVELAND, a love letter to and social history of the city that was his muse—an everyman town of ordinary people and the mundane swirl of life that is nonetheless extraordinary. For Cleveland, Pekar’s script found an artist among the greatest of his collaborators: Joseph Remnant, whose dense crosshatched naturalism recalls Crumb (who we meet in these pages) but finds its own look with expansive staging and detail.

CLEVELAND is the first effort from a new publisher, Zip Comics, distributed by Top Shelf. You can purchase it today in fine comics shops everywhere, in bookstore, or in digital form.







  1. I’m not familiar with Joseph Remnant’s work, but this looks amazing. I’m excited to read it–Pekar’s writing didn’t click with me for a long time, but it has, finally, and I’m looking forward to reading as much of his work as I can.

  2. Anybody know of any reviews?
    I’m surprisingly hit or miss with Pekar’s stuff that wasn’t the first 10 or so years of Splendor.