A job posting has just gone up for a VP Publicity at DC Comics in New York, a job previously held by David Hyde. It’s our understanding Hyde is leaving of his own accord. We’ve worked closely with David for years and wish him the best wherever he goes.

UPDATED: DC Entertainment has confirmed that Hyde is indeed leaving. In the eight and a half years he was at DC, Hyde oversaw a massive shift from dealing with at most two dedicated comics websites and a magazine to massive worldwide coverage of comics in every media venue, from the New York Times to CNN to Wired.

Just to give some idea of the march of progress, Hyde replaced Peggy Burns (now Drawn & Quarterly’s Associate Publisher) who replaced Martha Thomases, who we mentioned earlier today in the saddest of contexts. Thomases shared PR duties with Patty Jeres, who worked with the “comics media,” while Thomases dealt with the world at large. In Thomases’ time, the position didn’t even have an assistant. Under Burns, the role expanded to director and an assistant was hired. Under Hyde’s watch, the PR department was eventually expanded to four people on the East Coast, and Hyde was promoted to VP…a move that made Variety. So yes, it was a time when the job of publicity in comics dramatically expanded.

And in case you think you have the chops to be a VP at Warners, here’s the job posting…be prepared to have your BlackBerry ON at all times!

Vice President, Publicity
DC Comics – New York, NY

DC Entertainment seeks a Vice President, Publicity for the New York based Publicity Department. This individual manages global media relations and drives a steady stream of positive media coverage for DC Entertainment’s publishing business, which includes DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine.


Develop and execute a comprehensive PR strategy to drive increased media coverage and positive perception of the company.

Work closely with the co-publishers, editorial, marketing and sales to determine the most compelling story lines for the company and our publishing products.

Develop ongoing relationships with key reporters, bloggers and other key influencers in our markets.

Manage PR agencies to ensure a steady flow of pitches and briefings.

Write and optimize press releases and blog posts.

Identify and manage submissions for awards and speaking opportunities.

Work with execs to write presentations and speeches [internal and external].

Manage the bi-coastal publicity team staff.

Build and maintain weekly, monthly and quarterly internal status reports that include priorities, news narratives and press highlights.


Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, public relations or marketing.

Masters degree preferred.

Minimum of 10 years public relations experience required in publishing, comics or a related field.

Demonstrated success in consistently obtaining positive, impactful coverage with major business media, comic trade press and entertainment reporters.

Maturity, confidence, poise and executive presence required to effectively advise senior-level executives.

Strategic and creative thinker who can come up with original messaging that cuts through the clutter.

Incredible writing skills – turning key messages into compelling stories/headlines.

Track record of excellent judgment and agility in response to rapidly changing conditions – open to change and able to adapt new strategies and tactics

Proven ability to manage PR agencies.

Team player easily able to integrate efforts with the broader marketing team.

Skilled in managing complex situations and multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.

Exceptional proficiency with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint required.

Knowledge of comics and/or DC characters, a plus.

Ability to travel (domestically) approximately 25%.

Flexibility to respond to off-hours business needs.

Ability to travel (domestically) approximately 20%.

Flexibility to respond to off-hours business needs.


  1. David is a good guy. As small time as I am now, he helped me with some research a few years ago, when I was microscopic.

    And if Layman doesn’t get the gig, I’ll take sloppy seconds. Payment can be letting me write an Arm Fall Off Boy and the Plaid Lad LoSH spinoff buddy comedy.

  2. I heard David Hyde was instrumental at getting/keeping Tony Daniel, with him gone, will Tony Daniel still be producing comics for DC COMICS?

  3. ” Work closely with the co-publishers, editorial, marketing and sales to determine the most compelling story lines for the company and our publishing products. ”

    So at what point during these ten martini Mad Men-style business lunches do you think the actual WRITERS on the comics get involved in the process? Or do they just get relegated to a seperate table and given crayons and a nice Super-Friends placemat to keep them busy until Joe from marketing and Adrienne from sales plots the next twelve issues of their book and they just have to put words in the balloons and captions?

    Actually, that kinda explains a lot about DC, doesn’t it?

  4. Jeff, are you sure about that? I need my monthly (OR MORE, depending on how many amazing books he’s doing each month) Tony Daniel fix.

  5. I did PR professionally for about 15 years before moving on to other things. There is one thing about this job desciption that is very telling:

    “Masters degree preferred.”

    The best PR folks spent time honing their skills and getting results. A masters degree in PR generally brings in no higher salary, so the best don’t get them.

    It’s only when executives value degrees over results that you’ll see this kind of line in a job description – and coincidentally, it’s when “managing up” becomes more important than “getting results.”

    Sad to see DC head down this path.

  6. @mike l

    The storylines referred to in the description, as it says quite clearly, are for the company, not the books themselves.

    This is why The Beat’s comments section is filled with such reasoned, insightful commentary— illiteracy run rampant.

    Feel free to continue to spew misinformed bile, tho…