In the last issue, Golden Age hero Black Terror (also known as pharmicist Bob Benton) faced off with a hippie cult promising epic powers to followers. In Black Terror #3, our main man takes a backseat to his sidekick Tim. Read the synopsis below:

Black Terror’s trusty sidekick gets his own story! Imagine being born with the memories of a life you haven’t lived yet, a life of crime fighting and adventuring, only to find out that no one believes you and, honestly, couldn’t care less. This is the story of Black Terror’s trusted sidekick…TIM! (It’s just Tim.)

Written by Max Bemis (Moon Knight, Polarity, Centipede) and with art by Ruairi Coleman (KISS/Army of Darkness), the issue features covers by artists Rahzzah, Jorge Fornés, and Eoin Marron. Look out for virgin and black and white variants for your collection.

Black Terror #3 will be available for purchase this Wednesday December 11 at your favorite local comic shop. Head to Dynamite Comics’ website for more on the series or to order your copy online. For digital, check out ComiXology, Dynamite Digital, iBooks, Kindle, and more.

Ahead of the release, take a look at an exclusive and extended preview of interior pages and covers here.

Black Terror #3 Black Terror #3 Black Terror #3 Black Terror #3 Black Terror #3 Black Terror #3