Godkiller: The Banned Edition from Black Mask Studios is set to launch on Kickstarter tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28. The launch will unveil the sixth volume of the series “The Color You Too From Her Eyes.”

The series is the publisher’s longest-running and best-selling series despite being banned by censorship boards for being “anti-humanity” and “too explicitly LGBT.” Godkiller: Spiderland #1 sold out at the distributor level in 24 hours, but when the publisher collected the volume into a hardcover edition, censorship halted the book from being printed for more than a year.

While supply chain issues did play a part domestically, overseas was a different story, with the production facing cancellation for censorship reasons. Finally, the book will see print, and now Black Mask has a special edition on Kickstarter for fans. 

At the same time, fans will also get to see the sixth volume which “unfolds Godkiller’s deepest mysteries as Halfpipe masters her newfound sorcery, unearthing the secrets of the Starkiller, while Tommy is led down a darkly foreboding mystical path by the witch Bones, his dangerous new mentor.”

Click here for the Kickstarter campaign for Godkiller: The Banned Edition, and check out the exclusive covers from artist Jasmin Darnell below!

Godkiller: The Banned Edition