Today, publisher Clover Press announced a new series of artbooks, The Marvel Art of…, which will spotlight work various artists have done for the House of Ideas. The series will kick off through a Kickstarter campaign with books featuring the work of two artists with iconic, instantly-recognizable styles. The Marvel Art of Alex Maleev and The Marvel Art of David Mack will be oversized hardcover coffee table books featuring classic and never-before-seen Marvel Comics artwork by each artist. To mark the announcement, The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive first look at four pieces of Maleev artwork that are set to be included in The Marvel Art of Alex Maleev.

Here’s how Clover Press describes the The Marvel Art of… series and the Kickstarter for the Maleev and Mack books:

The Marvel Art Of… books are a series of high-end, boutique artbooks that showcase legendary Marvel Comics’ artists, featuring iconic images alongside rare and never-before-seen artwork. We’re working closely with each artist to craft a beautiful representation of their work over the years with Marvel. Supporting this campaign supports each talent directly.

Both Maleev and Mack have worked extensively on Marvel’s Daredevil series, and with Brian Michael Bendis on other Marvel projects. In addition to introducing Echo to the Marvel Universe in the pages of Daredevil, Mack provided covers for the Bendis-written Alias and its follow-up series, Jessica Jones. For Maleev, his Marvel partnership with Bendis includes work on DaredevilMoon KnightIron Man, and more.

In a statement announcing the new book series, Clover Press publisher Hank Kanalz explained why the series is the perfect fit for Clover Press:

“Since its launch in 2019, Clover Press has established a reputation as an eclectic publisher whose books celebrate the arts and the creative process. The Marvel Art Of David Mack and The Marvel Art Of Alex Maleev are a testament to the vision of two awesome artists whose storytelling helped define the look and feel of today’s Marvel Universe. We’re working very closely with the artists on the design and contents of the book to create stunning art books that you will not want to miss.”

Check out the exclusive reveal of Maleev’s artwork below. The Kickstarter campaign for The Marvel Art of Alex Maleev and The Marvel Art of David Mack is live now, and runs through July 7th.