• The event was held at the Anaheim Convention Center, and thus far no controversy about moving it to LA or Vegas.

• The panel included director JJ Abrams, producer Kathleen Kennedy, and cast members Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Issac, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. Money shot above.

Film-Star Wars-Celebration daisy-ridley-star-wars-4 oscar-isaac

• The desert planet shown in the trailer is called “Jakku.” It seems to be a dumping ground for detritus from the star wars. It was filmed in Abu Dhabi where the temperature was a mild 128 degrees.

• The lightsaber everyone is handing around seems to be the one that Luke lost in his battle in Empire, which also belonged to his father, Anakin. You know….I always did wonder what happened to that lightsaber. I liked to think that Luke must have used the Force to retrieve it while he was sliding through the tunnels, because I didn’t like to think it was lost, but now we have a whole new movie to figure that out.

• The villain is Kylo Ren and we got a good look at him. His costume includes three layers of cotton and wool, so he must have been pretty hot in the desert.

• The new Star Wars mythos will include more female characters! It could not have included less, so win.

• Carrie Fisher will not wear hair buns or a metal bikini.

• The new droid is BB-8 and he and other droids in the film were designed by fans who got to work on the movie and showed up at the panel yesterday.

• Um, what else…Oscar Isacc plays Poe, a hot shot pilot. Daisy Ridley is Rey, a scavenger on the ship graveyard. John Boyega in Finn who does indeed start out as a stormtrooper.

• There is also a fanfest going on. Graeme McMillan and Borys Kit report on autograph prices :

The chance to get a signature from Mark Hamill at the show costs $125, while Carrie Fisher charges $70. Anthony Daniels, meanwhile, will sign something in exchange for $50, and Peter Mayhew shows the intergalactically-renowned kindness of Wookiees by also asking $50 for his hairy John Hancock.

It’s not just the big names who are offering their signatures. John Morton, who played an X-Wing pilot in The Empire Strikes Back, will give you an autograph for $20, and Brian Muir, who sculpted the Stormtrooper armor for the original movie (although the helmet was sculpted by another artist, Liz Moore), will sign for the same amount. The autograph of visual effects artist Lorne Peterson, meanwhile, will cost 50 percent more, at $30.

• A bunch of “posters” appeared on twitter throughout the day and no one is sure if they are real. Probably not but here they are.

• Here’s a bunch of set photos.


• There was a display of costumes from the film and IGN took photos. They also have a much more thorough news roundup.

• Io9 has a trailer breakdown with the most spoilers.

• Disney sent out a ton of stills from the panel and here’s a gallery.

• Many people will probably go see this movie.


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