Can you help this man?

I’m up at an ungodly hour, concluding a lonnnnng day of working on the Jack Kirby book I announced back here. Before I hit the linens, I wanted to put out a public appeal. We’re looking for interesting and special Kirby art to include in the book. This may be the nicest reproduction of Jack’s work we’ll ever see and I’d like to feature some pieces that especially deserve that treatment. Several collectors are loaning me originals — and even unframing framed pieces so they can be scanned at a high resolution.

I’m most interested in pieces that are either historic or early. I have access to hundreds of…well, I wouldn’t say “common” since nothing Jack drew was “common.” But pages that were common for Jack from the mid-sixties onward. But I’d like to locate the original art to some early pieces and especially to things that weren’t done for Marvel, or were done for DC in the forties or fifties. I’m also trying to find intricate pencil pieces and one or two really spectacular pages from the Fourth World material. Art does not have to leave your hands if you can get it to a place that does high-rez scans, and we’ll pay for expenses incurred and give proper thanks and such.

Please drop me a line if you have something you think oughta be in this book and you’re willing to share it with the Kirby fans of the world.