Ame Comi 4Toy Fair is still raging — and it’s raging on without us and our bronchitis — but the manga-stylee line of DC heroines known as Ame-Comi Super Heroines has caused some…comment via Johanna:

Obviously, they no longer care about the complaints of many of their female readers, because this line sums up most of the problems with their characters, presenting them in an overly sexualized fashion aimed at male fans.

and Progressive Ruin. (Check comments.)


  1. Jeez, as a male I’d be a bit embarassed having something that looked like a porno barbie doll. Having the girly doll is questionable enough, but having one this porno’d out would make it seem like I was oversompensating too.

    Emabvrassing for guys to own, offensive to women. Who the hell is this doll intented for?

  2. That’s just creepy.

    I’m looking forward to the Lego Batman game even more now. It’s nigh-impossible to effectively porn up a Lego minifig.

  3. It’s difficult to get a sense of sccale or articulation in those posed photos, but here’s a question: are these actually action figures or are these more like collectible statues?

    I ask because those flowing capes and spiralling whips don’t look as if they’re supposed to be moveable props, which makes me think that these things are more like the collectible PVC statues you see for all sorts of anime characters.

    Those PVC statues aren’t my thing either, but if these DC character figures are supposed to be like those anime figures–and priced to match–then they’d be clearly be going for that adult male audience (and the fact that there are a bunch of PVC statues of anime characters sold implies that there’s a bunch of guys who aren’t embarassed to own ’em.) Whether or not that’s a good idea–especially with characters that might, arguably, be better sold with a more wholesome branding–is an open question, of course…


  4. Personally, I think these figures are awesome, and so does my wife who is also a comics fan. In terms of the reaction to these toys created by a predominantly superhero comics publisher for their target audience, it only serves to further my growing opinion of feminism as a philosophical burqa. I would hope that if freeing women to pursue their own lives and goals, whatever they are, is the purpose of feminism, then bitching over some dolls would be the last thing anyone who shares those beliefs should be doing.

  5. Dear Vincent, your comparison is utterly ridiculous. It is Godwin’s Law (look it up) ridiculous.

    I propose that comparing dislike of baby-faced porn-bodied wank toys to the official uniform of a regime determined to make women powerless and invisible be called the “Vincent Variation.”
    Further, having a guy speak for his wife/girlfriend/girl friend/woman of acquaintance can be called the “She doesn’t have a problem with it Principle.”

  6. It’s definitely not something I want in my house, but the thing is certainly described accurately as an “anime” figure–a friend of mine has a Cutey Honey doll from Japan with similar proportions, not to mention a whole lot of manga and anime DVDs (all of the non-porn variety) with characters who are, ahem, Power Girl-esque.

  7. Speaking of sexism in comics, I found the retail explanation of Mighty Avengers #3 bizzare:
    ‘Mighty Avengers versus the next gen Ultron! Ultron has taken over everything by taking over Iron Man! And now she has to face the Sentry unleashed! A battle of the titans Avengers style! Plus, Tigra guest stars. Yes, Tigra. Frank Cho drawing Tigra!! Did you hear us? FRANK CHO DRAWING TIGRA!! Which Avenger is Tigra dating? Prrrrr!!’


  8. I’m going to sidestep the issue just to say I’m quite partial to Disco Batgirl. Who is, it ought to be noted, wearing the most clothes of any of them, skintight as they may be. But they still don’t get my money.

  9. This is what Japanese girl figures look like. They are obviously going after that audience, not feminists or manga haters.

    I’m not sure I like the face, however, and the posing is a bit unnatural.

  10. Without being crucified, I just wanted to say that Power Girl was, and still is my favorite superhero since I was a kid and the ridiculous breast thing has really only gotten out of control over the last 10 years… but this figure is scary. Does anyone remember when Power Girl was less about her tits and sex, and more about being the Alpha Female on the block?

    (please don’t mock me, I really legitimately like her as a character, or at least keep the mock to a minimum)

  11. Dear Lea:
    1) Looked up Godwin’s Law. All I get from the definition is that by comparing feminism to radical Islam I effectively robbed my comparison of its intended impact. But not its full meaning. Radical restrictive behaviors should not be part of the feminist mindset yet are. So the difference is of degree not of kind.
    2) The Vincent Variation. Sounds great to me. Go for it. Just make sure to link people back to my website. Your attempt to shame me falls upon deaf ears; 12 years of Catholic school couldn’t do it and neither can you. (Aren’t shame and guilt the preferred weapons of the Abrahamic faiths?) Plus being a black man means I used to being considered unwashed and uncivilized. I know of your issues with the ‘mainstream’ comics industry and bare you no ill will. Yet this tactic you tried to apply goes to prove my point. Since I am not conforming to the tempo of the conversation at hand, I have to be punished and restricted and made to be ashamed of myself in public. Is this a fitting for my burqa?
    3) And as long the attitudes of those against these dolls (Dolls, for goodness sake; they are not the end of the world, merely toys for overgrown boys; either feminism is winning or can never win, but choose one viewpoint; playing both sides of the issue is a bad tactic, leading to only confusion; unless that’s the point) is similar to the preparations for a stoning, I don’t believe my comparison is that far off base. But I imagine when you’re the one putting the burqa on someone else rather than the one being forced to it on, it’s expected to feel sensitive about the whole thing.
    4) I guess if my wife were to speak for me, that would be acceptable to you. Is that the “She’s the boss of me” Principle or the “She Who Must Be Obeyed” Principle? I didn’t hold up my wife as an example of all women, merely one I knew who expressed a counter opinion to the masses gathering to burn these dolls in effigy. Please. Your whole tone is one of anger with the nonconformist, not one of trying to establish a dialogue or to voice a dissent. Let’s talk about the topic at hand, shall we? Without the attempts at personal attack, okay?

  12. Alan, I think they are, but there are “transformations” into super mode or something like that and then she looks like, well, a lot like these DC figures. To be honest, I’ve never seen an episode of Cutey Honey, so I’m kind of going off what my friend tells me. She loves the character. *shrug*

  13. I think that it’s not creepy (especially considering that the real power girl is drawn with breast just as big, if not bigger). I do think it’s odd to look at these characters as peppy anime girls. Also, they look like they came straight out of a “magical girl” series.

    Still, I think they’re a cool interpretation, especially Batgirl.

    BTW, Cutey Honey is all woman. Well, female android.

  14. The last time I checked, feminism was about anything and everything that touched upon women and how they’re perceived by women and men. No one can or should try to tell other people what feminism is about–and feminism is a living concern, not something that’s been won.

    Throwing around terms like “burqa”, “stoning,” and “Abrahamic faiths” looks to me like an attempt to relegate a social and political movement to the “nutty religious corner.” And what possible meaning can your race have to a discussion about dolls?

    You may have issues with feminism. But that doesn’t give you the right to dismiss it, or to tell others they have no right to consider things in light of feminism. And until you get the beatings with the steel cable, are locked in rooms in which the windows are bars most of the day, are forbidden books and education, and are slaughtered by your relatives if someone outside your household looks at you in a way you don’t like, maybe the word “burqa” isn’t the right one to use.

  15. Oh my god, they look so good, and so cute, and they’re really good desings, I LOVE IT, I want it all of them!

  16. Vincent,

    You’re black?

    OMG! Get off of my side! You’re making us look bad! I’m not even going to get into the ‘unwashed and uncivilized’ as a passive-aggressive jab at Caucasians and those with white privilege while you’re lording your male privilege and demanding people accept your pov as right.

    Just… get off my side.

  17. I don’t like anything that degrades women, but you’re talking about plastic statues here! I love anime and comic book characters and so I love these figures! The only thing I see as objectionable is the skimpy outfits that some of them are wearing. But I actually think their all really cute (well, I don’t really care for cat women, ivy, or panthera whatever her name is.) I actually think the more realistic statue/figures are more “offensive”, but as long as I’m not forced to buy them I don’t care. I also don’t like the nude/hentai anime statues, but it’s the same deal as with the realistic statues.

    Overall, I’m a girl and I love these figures! You’d have to be extremely sensitive to really be bothered by these figures. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY THEM NOR ARE THEY THE REASON FOR THE TERRIBLE ACTS TOWARDS WOMEN!

    P.s. My favorites are Batgirl, Super Girl, and Harley Quinn.

  18. im female and i own alot of anime statues with big boobs, not brought by my husband but me, big deal? i own some of these statues i think there eye catching. i dont find anything sexist about them, what i do find sexist is how theres so many cool mens comic book clothing out there but us girls get a load of crap but no one mentions that.

    besides isnt there a batman ame comi now? maybe theyll even the score and give him a big package.