Well. when he isn’t talking about how to deal with rejection, it turns out Evan Dorkin and partner Sarah Dyer have been writing some Metal Men shorts for DC Nation. This is a particularly nice circle to come full since year’s ago he had a Metal Men mini series stopped mid-stream. Dorkin also worked on the character designs. He writes:

There are five shorts, each is a minute and a half or so, iirc, and they were animated at Augenblick Studios. While the cartoons can be seen in any order — they’re all self-contained — there is a sort of invisible continuity to them. Sarah and I referred to it as, “Birth, School, Work, Death” , and I guess “Destruction” could be slipped in there, along with “Goofiness”. Mostly goofiness, to be honest.

The first short airs this Saturday probably before Teen Titans Go. More of the character designs in the link.


  1. gotta love the outrage in the doc’s voice when he said “robots don’t act like this”. classic. i loved those metal men books back in the 60’s and this short really captures the spirit of those books. cool.

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