Eric Powell gained a huge following with The Goon, but now he’s got his own self published line called Albatross Funnybooks and a debut book, “Hillbilly” which went on sale this week. CBR has all the details, and though the bvook would appear to star a more violent Alan Moore it’s actually about “Rondel, a man born with no eyes, yet cursed with terrible vision, who is out to rid the world of foul demons and witches.”

Spoiler: This book looks amazing!

Powell also talks about the Goon movie– Tim “Deadpool” Miller is still attached and it’s sort of being worked on – and the Goon comic – he’s working on a spinoff called “Lords of Misery” – and also the thrills of self-publishing:

Why the return to self-publishing for this?

Because I’m stubborn, possibly dumb. There were a lot of reasons, but the main factor was just my own curiosity. I just wanted to see what would happen if I gave it a shot, see if I could build my own thing instead of relying on someone else. Luckily, I’ve got an extremely loyal fanbase that allows me to try stuff like this. If they weren’t willing to follow me over the wall, I wouldn’t be able to continue doing creator-owned comics, let alone self-publish.

Powell went on to say that he plans to publish other people’s work eventually, but for now it’s all Powell for Powell. “The main reason is I work very cheaply for myself. Eric Powell is paying Eric Powell peanuts.”