Happy Day Before Daredevil Day! Here’s a round-up of things worth paying attention to on the Entertainment-front.

Paul Bettany just unleashed the first full-blown Vision poster on Twitter. We’ve seen concept art, and a few other promotional pieces for the character’s upcoming appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but this is Bettany in android mode up-close:

Vision poster

Bryan Singer added another update for X-Men: Apocalypse, this time sharing some concept art of another mutant that will be joining the cast:


Yes indeed, Archangel will be a part of the film, and according to Singer he will be played by previously announced cast member Ben Hardy.

Other than Iceman, who can’t make an appearance, it looks like we’ll be getting something pretty close to the original X-Men line-up, along with a few Giant Size X-Men additions (Storm, Nightcrawler).

– For you fans of The Incredibles, Brad Bird just confirmed that he is currently working on the script for the sequel, now that his work on his about to be released Tomorrowland is completed. In a spate of sequels from Pixar, this might be the one that may stir up the most excitement.

– And in somewhat related news, given that Nic Pizzalatto pulled a good deal of influence for his True Detective series from the comics of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, here’s the first teaser for True Detective Season 2. Given that I loved the first season, I can’t wait for this new one: