Tickets to the Emerald City Con in Seattle next April went on sale earlier today, and four day passes are already sold out.

You can get many other kinds of badges still but…might want to get on it.

Press and pro registration are open and passes are available. Hotels are here.

Time to plan, gang. Choose quickly.

Only a handful of guests have been announced for the show, to be held April 7-10, 2016—Aaron Kuder, Faith Erin Hicks, Fiona Staples, Irene Koh, 
Kris Anka, Raina Telgemeier, Robert Venditti and Sean Gordon Murphy—but of course more are coming and will be ultra blue-chippers and a great time will be had by all.

Obligatory Old Fart Moment (OOFM™): If you had told me when I was a kid that comics conventions would be eagerly awaited events with tickets that sold out as quickly as concerts or sporting events…I would have said you are nuts. But you weren’t.


  1. I was able to get a 3-day and a Thursday passes, and it was only $10 more than a 4-day pass. So all is not lost.

  2. Actually, regular 4 day badges sold out in less than an hour (approximately 45 minutes). It took a couple more hours for the VIP badges (which to be fair, are also 4 day badges). As the previous commenter noted, you can still attend all 4 days by buying a 3 day badge plus a Thursday badge. The really interesting piece of data will be how long it takes the 3 day badges to go.

  3. Wow…I keep meaning to check out Emerald City, but it looks like I’m going to have to plan ahead more than I thought.

    Guess I’ll stick with WonderCon next year.

  4. Wow. 3 Day gone now. Thanks ECCC for making it easy for those of us who have jobs to get tix before they sold out.

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