Now I know what you are thinking, Beat, you have been offline for two days and all you can post is six lousy photos?

Well, there is a longer story but it involves airline traffic and jet lag and blah blah. Anyway, I am here in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con, and this is by far the most comic-con-like comic-con I have ever been to, as far as the idea of a jam packed pop culture extravaganza of comics, costumes and devotion to meekness for the joy of it.

The above sign pretty much says it all — the show is sold out, and it is also zero tolerance for anything BUT tolerance, as the show organizers have specifically made this a place where diversity is encouraged and promoted. It’s a safe space for nerditry of any stripe, and the riot of costumes and fandoms seems to suggest that the plan is working.

Thursday, after a horrible dawn march to the airport and a hazy afternoon of fitful, dreamless sleep, I roused myself just in time to head over to the Museum of Flight for a party celebrating the Carol Corps and Captain Marvel. The museum s pretty amazing (a concord, a space shuttle a lunar module, an astronaut diaper and much more) and the party was super swell and welcoming. There were so many costumes and so many women of all ages dressed up to proudly show off their interests.

IMG_6974.JPGAnobve Molly Jane Kremer and Kate Leth represent.

IMG_6980.JPGTwo proud Carol Corps members

More Carol Corps member show off their trout pout with Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.
And today at the show, i ws barely not he floor due to meetings and panels, but here is the cutest Thor of the day.
And yeah it’s like this. I’ll be back with more, promise. But have no fear — the Beat is alive.


  1. Glad you made it ok Heidi and had a great time at the Museum of Flight. I would just like to humbly ask if you could add the tag “eccc” for all your postings from your time in Seattle this weekend. I unfortunately won’t be able to see you this weekend but I hope we’ll be able to meet up for sure in the future.

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