52ded6b9ec8d83ac62000057Well, add Emerald City Comic Con on March 28-30th as a comics show where you need to be diligent about getting your passes AHEAD OF TIME. Three day passes for the Seattle show are now SOLD OUT online, but still available from retailers listed on this page. The retailers are all in the Seattle area so if you were planning on going you might want to find a pal to go pick you up a pass.

Last year ECCC attendance was 64,000, making it the fourth biggest show in North America, and third biggest in the US. I have a suspicion attendance may be up this year. The show has grown rapidly over the last few years into not only a favorite for professionals (due to the great facilities and the amount of money attendees tend to drop), but the kick off to the year, con-wise, drawing from the huge local nerd and pop culture fan communities. and an enormous huge venue for announcements. It also enjoys the reputation as one of the best run shows around, and one that still keeps comics as the main focus, even with a few nerdlebrity elements being added year to year.

I’ll be at ECCC this year after a four-year break, and I can’t wait either!


  1. I agree, how can you buy hotel and airfare without buying a badge? Badges went on sale last September, so there has been plenty of time to buy. I even bought one when I was worried that it might overlap with WonderCon. (fortunately it doesn’t, so I can attend both)

    See you there!

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