Responsible for some of last year’s most visually arresting comics in the form of Winter’s Knight: Year One, Robert Ball’s next project is going to be launched at ELCAF: ‘Dark Times’.



With an immediately distinctive style, his polygon…y artwork stands out – but here he seems to be working on a less angular, more realistic artistic style. Interestingly, this also seems to have more scale than his past comics, as well, focusing on what looks to be a dystopic future in which human bodies pile up in scrapheaps, too many to get rid of.

And the style keeps changing, from what the previews suggest. One section even reminds of Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’, in fact. This is an interesting project from an artist who keeps on experimenting and pushing his work. Look out for it at ELCAF!

If you’re not at ELCAF? Keep up to date with Robert’s work right here!

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