In the week leading up to the 2017 Will Eisner Awards voting deadline this Friday, the Comics Beat will feature a series of “For Your Consideration” posts highlighting a number of the nominees as a celebration of their well-deserved acknowledgement. We’ll feature some never-before-seen behind the scenes content and some of the books’ gorgeous interiors. We encourage all of our readers to check these titles out and all of the eligible comics industry members to vote for the titles they think best exemplify what make comics great.

Jughead is many things. Archie’s best partner in crime. Burger aficionado. General food fanatic. Asexual. He’s easily one of the coolest and funniest characters in Archie’s lineup, so it totally makes sense to pair him up with Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Derek Charm, who are some of the funniest and coolest creators working in comics right now.

Since the Jughead series launched, it’s been a constant source of joy for many readers. With credits such as Sex Criminals and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl to their names, the creative team’s proclivity for outlandish and absurd humor pairs perfectly with the character. They’ve taken him on journeys through the lunchroom, the woods, and medieval landscapes in Jughead’s mind– it’s all been a riot to read.

Jughead (Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Derek Charm) is up for the Eisner for Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17) and the award for Best Humor Publication.

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  1. I tried reading it but I couldn’t get past the Erica Henderson art to read more than a couple of issues. It was somehow bad enough to drive me away from a book with Jughead’s Time Police in it.

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