Chris Roberson writes on the return of his Monkeybrain title, Edison Rex with a long delayed issues #17 which can be purchased here:


Well, it’s been two years (!) since the last issue of Edison Rex was released, but the story isn’t over yet. Dennis and I have been busy with other projects, but we’ve kept working on Rex on the side, and we’re finally ready to share the next installment.

Edison Rex #17 is out this Wednesday, 7/06/16, and next month we’ll be back with issue #18 as well as some big announcements about the future of Edison Rex.

Make mine monkey!
Chris Roberson

Edison Rex #17
Story: Chris Roberson & Dennis Culver
Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Dennis Culver
Colorist: Stephen Downer
Letterer: John J. Hill
Price: $0.99
Pages: 18
Rating: 12+
Edison Rex has been left without a friend in the world, and finds himself hunted by heroes and villains alike. But when his past finally catches up with him, will there be anywhere else left to run?

And here’s a preview: