By the time you read this, The Beat will be on our way to Seattle for The Emerald City Comic Con, now just about the third biggest comic con in America (although I’m working on a new chart about that.) The show is already COMPLETELY SOLD OUT and has been for a while, so good luck getting in. I haven’t been to ECCC in four years so I’m looking forward to seeing just how big and overwhelming it’s gotten and having some oysters and seeing everyone. Certainly if my twitter feed is any indication, excitement is running high!

This is nothing like a complete who’s where, just some folks I saw on Tumblr and what they will be bringing etc etc. I’ll update this with companies when I get settled.

Ryan North

Matt Fraction
Evan Doc Shaner
Chip Zdarsky
Joe Keatinge & Leila Del Duca
Oni Press
Ibrahim Moustafa and Christopher Sebela
Amy Falcone
Dresden Codak

Dennis Culver
I think it is like a tradition to make a map with an arrow pointing to wher eyou will be since the show is so HUUUUUGE. Anyway I did that! I’ll be at table f-10 in Artist Alley with Ben McCool. Ben will be selling and signing things and I’ll be typing and crinking coffee. And saying hi. Come by and say to either or both of us.

I’ll be on the prowl for all the hot scoops and news feel free to drop them in a big steaming pile near me.



  1. Who: Me ; Aaron Browne
    Where: I am in Seattle, and I NEED A TICKET, please. ****Any one with a miracle??? If so: 206-423-5500**** I will give you a new shoe lace, a bunch of pennies, or I will draw a portrait of you in less than 30 seconds!!! Please help me escape the pretentious passive aggressive bigotry of that which is Seattle, and give me a pass to the con!!!! Thank you. See you there …I’d have to see you there to get the ticket, so…

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