The annual “Early Bird Hotel Room Sale” is on for the San Diego Comic-Con. If you can’t stand the stress and heartache of Hoteloween—believed to be held April 5 this year—you can just go and book a room that is a little off the beaten path – Mission Valley or the Airport – but still on the shuttle root! Prices are around $200. You need to pay for your entire stay in advance and THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, so this is definitely for the get to the airport early set. Still, for anyone who is practical and/or can’t stand uncertainty, this is a good way to go. Plus these hotels don’t sell out before Hoteloween, so you can decide at your leisure.

As you can see from the above screenshot, AS THE CROW FLIES, some of these hotels are really not that far away. I’m not saying they’re close, but it’s not Anaheim, either. It’s just a mind-set. Not for The Beat of course. We have to be only a short walk away so we can stroll by the Hall H line at 3 in the morning and see people fighting giant rats. Plus the Kona cold brew at Lion Coffee!

The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog has a lot more about hotel matters, including a CHART and a “Inside vs Outside the Gaslamp” comparison. The outside’s biggest appeal is being cheaper. And less anxiety. Don’t forget, less anxiety.