When you think of Marvel games you think of… WB? I know it sounds strange but lately the best Marvel games have come from the corporation that owns their competition. Last time developer, TT Games did a game licensed from the “House of Ideas”, Lego Marvel Superheroes was an open free roaming good time full of laughs for everyone. This year they’re bringing block building magic to the MCU in Lego Marvel’s Avengers.

We played a small portion of the game on the E3 show floor, what follows is a bit of what you’ll get when the game releases this Fall. The slice of the game we started in put us right in the middle of the battle of New York from the first Avengers film. This part of the story had us switching between Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. As usual you’ll rescue civilians, smash things, and build new Lego creations out of the rubble. We battled countless Chitauri aliens using new team up attacks. Captain America is able to bounce Black Widow off his shield and while she’s in the air will obliterate the enemies using her dual guns. Puzzle solving also utilizes this feature as you’ll need to give agile characters a boost to reach high ledges and scaffolds.


Hawkeye has much of the tactics, Batman used in Lego Batman 3. He’ll be able to shatter glass using a “sonar arrow” and melt gold bricks with a… let’s call it “heat arrow”. Once the Chitauri scout was taken down, our gamed transitioned to the bridge where we were met by Thor. His lightning attacks are more devastating this time around. Our session saw us get to the part where Bruce Banner rides in on a motorcycle and punches out the giant flying alien as he turns into the Hulk. This time around he takes a victory selfie. During this part players will need to work with Iron Man to target the monster’s weak spots. At the end of the demo we built a missile to launch at the invaders just as when Iron Man flew it into the portal at the end of the film.


One thing we noticed while playing was the voice work in the cinematic seemed to be ripped from the movie. It didn’t feel like it was recorded for the game. No word on if this will be the final product or if voice will be added. Avengers has boasted to players about having iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe locations to visit. With some of those not being in strictly the Avengers movies, it’ll be interesting to see how TT Games handles voice work.

Fans can expect the same free roam world full of MCU easter eggs, Stan Lee saving cameos, and tons of characters from both Avengers films. WB, some Lego Infinity Stones might be nice.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers comes out this Fall for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation4, PlayStation3, PlayStation Vita, WiiTMU, Nintendo 3DSTM, Windows PC. 

Find more on the game’s Facebook.


  1. I’m asking for more x men in Lego avengers like rogue and banshee and more avengers like giant man and namor. Thanks for your time.

  2. I don’t think they plan on putting X-men in the game, it seems to be based on the core Avengers team, so just expect Avengers like Wolverine and any other X-man who are part of the Avengers. Still can’t wait to play this game.

  3. Is it too late now, because I just wanted to say, deadpool should totally be in this game to, and they should add his teleport ability this time. Also I hope that there is online for this.

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