The Resurrectionist by Eric “E.B.” Hudspeth is one of those visual/verbal blend books that will have a lot of people talking when it comes out. It will also have people talking because it’s an utterly incredible sui generis tale of a mad scientist, deformity, and mythical beasts, a tale told in prose and in incredibly detailed and creepy anatomical charts of mythical beasts known and unknown. MTV Geek has a preview and an interview:

Geek: Out of all the creatures you deal with in the book, which character is the most disturbing to you?

EH: I think maybe the Harpy (which is depicted on the book’s cover). That’s why I chose it as a primary figure. The assimilation of the bird legs and the wings joined into human form, and the larger breast bone and tissue … the more you process that, the less beautiful something like that would be. With the harpy, in folklore, there’s two depictions. One is a beautiful creature and the other is horrendous. If you were to run into something like that in person, it would be like you’re a small worm at the foot of a falcon. You’re doomed, and it’s quick and terrible.




  1. YAY!! You have an Amazon link with the review! Now when I buy the book after one of the always great reviews on this site, I can feel good that you’re getting a cut of the action. So, um, please start including that with all your reviews?

    I’m really intrigued by this book. I’m not interested in the subject matter at all, but all the chatter makes it sound fascinating.

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