I love this little feature that Shelf Awareness do, asking artists about what they’re currently reading and the books that have had an impact on their lives. I always like to hear about what comics people are reading anyway, but I mostly love this because the interviewees give their reply in illustrated form, which makes it so much more engaging. Previous authors have included Hope Larson and Lucy Knisley, and latest in the dock is none other than the mercurial Paul Pope, discussing horror, the supernatural, Disney, Frank Herbert and much more. He packed in quite a bit for a short piece!

Pope’s much anticipated Battling Boy releases in October via First Second.


  1. I emailed the publisher about this. Once the two volume Battling Boy is done, they’ll be releasing THB.

  2. I had an MC Escher artbook that I simply adored as a kid. And while Pope’s art is more fluid, I guess I kinda see the influence. And I absolutely loved those little Curl Up creatures from House of Stairs.

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