Announced today at ComicsPRO, Dynamite Entertainment will have Premier Publisher status at Diamond starting in April. They join Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and IDW in the front of the catalog (the first two only in effigy) and will have various behind the scenes advantages as well.  According to a press release, “the move recognizes the company’s standing as a leading comic book and graphic novel publisher and expands their marketing and sales initiatives to the comic book specialty and bookstore markets.”

Dynamite has survived a lot of ups and downs in the industry, and it is indeed a huge move for them.

“This change recognizes the growth and importance of Dynamite Entertainment to our business and the comics industry as a whole,” said Diamond VP-Purchasing, Tim Lenaghan. “We look forward to working with Dynamite for many years to come to help nurture and grow the comic book specialty market.”

“It’s a supreme honor to advance to Premier Vendor status, and truly a reflection of the dedication of everyone at Dynamite, the strength and success of our partnerships with creators and licensors, and the comics we bring to our retail supporters and fans. Everyone involved, especially the comic shops and readers, deserves our utmost respect and gratitude for their support,” added Dynamite CEO and publisher Nick Barrucci. “We work shoulder-to-shoulder with amazing people, and this achievement gives greater visibility to the monumental work that they do. With our new position and reach, we’ll be able to better coordinate with Diamond on many new ways to serve the retail community and further diversify our categories of product.”

All of Dynamite’s mechandise, including comics, books, statues and prints, will be found in the pront of the Diamond catalog.

You can see an assortment of Dynamite titles in the gallery below.


  1. Shows where my head is at. I thought Dynamite already had preferred placement. I must have been getting them confused with IDW

  2. Love these guys. They’re a little nuts with the variant covers but they do a great job with non-super-hero genre storytelling.


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