As part of their 25th Anniversary celebration, Dynamic Forces will be appearing on Canada’s The Shopping Channel at 11pm ET tonight (3/6) at 11pm EST.

If you were wanting a peek at what they’re offering, it seems that The Shopping Channel has a Dynamic Forces web page online…

Official PR follows:

DYNAMIC FORCES proudly announces what could be the greatest collection of signed comics ever offered. The ‘Perfect Ten Pack’ includes Fantastic Four #600 signed by living-legend Stan Lee, plus nine more must-have collectibles featuring fan-favorite creators Mark WaidGreg PakHumberto RamosSteve Epting and more, exclusively premiering at the TSC Dynamic Forces Show on Tuesday, March 6th at 11pm EST.

Fans of the record-breaking, blockbuster Marvel’s Black Panther will want to tune in for a variety of special deals including the ‘Black Panther Five Pack’ with books signed by Francesco FrancavillaJonathan HickmanDavid MarquezMike Mayhew and Mark Waid. A Black Panther #2 variant signed by John Romita and a Black Panther #1 sketch cover drawn and signed by Ken Haesser.

Hosting the show is Dynamic Forces’ founder and CEO Nick Barrucci, “We are celebrating 25 years of providing quality and innovative collectible comic book product for fans worldwide. The TV Shopping audience is large, and I’ve found over the years of creating shows through TV Shopping events that we expose great comics from publishers to a new audience and grow the comics audience a few fans at a time which is our primary goal with the shows. It’s an opportunity to grow the audience by showing the source material that created the tapestry for all of the wonderful mediums that characters have come from and have grown to. The greatest joy we get from appearing on TV shopping is the ability to be in millions of homes promoting comic books. To us, this is a great responsibility, as we feel that we are one of the ambassadors of the comics themselves to the larger world.  During our on-air appearances, we have the opportunity to promote comics, story arcs and comic retailers to grow the audience for the medium we love so much.” Mr. Barrucci is a life-long comic fan and collector bringing decades of experience and passion for the genre to create an exciting, fun-filled hour of collectible comic book TV history.

Additional selected signed comics featured on the show are the World Premier TCS exclusive Batman DK III – Bruce Tim Variant signed by Frank MillerJohn Wick #1 signed by writer Greg Pak and KISS signed comics by rock legends Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Plus, the deal that no video game fan will want to miss, signed copies of the Art of Atari by writer Tim Lapetino. Dynamic Forces promises many more artists and comic books to be revealed for the TSC Tuesday, March 6th; many unavailable online or anywhere else.

Also featured on the show are select comic book collections that include Spider-Man: Web-Warriors, Classic Cosmic Heroes of the 60s and many other popular DC Comics and Marvel characters currently featured on the big screen, television series and streaming services everywhere.

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  1. Yikes, other than the signed Art Of Atari book (which might be the softcover instead of the HC, but still) the signed books are crazy overpriced. Has DF been to eBay lately to check out the going rates on signed Stan Lee Product…if not, here is a suggestion, please do not charge nearly $900.00 for a signed Stan Lee Thor variant cover, because that is just insane in the membrane.

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