On sale today is Kaleidoscope City, an OGN by Marcellus Hall about love art and city life.  What’s that?  You’d like to see a few sample pages?  You should know the drill by now.  Scroll down and enjoy.

Official PR follows and then some pages:

Marcellus Hall’s KALEIDOSCOPE CITY is a spellbinding book, a remarkable graphic novel debut by an accomplished illustrator and acclaimed musician discovering a new creative medium.

With KALEIDOSCOPE CITY, Marcellus Hall has created a meditation on romance and our collective need for connection. The book provides snapshots from a year in the life of an artist struggling to rebound from a failed romance. As the seasons change, the unnamed man searches the five boroughs for inspiration. Buoyed by his curiosity and a search for meaning, with sketchbook in hand, he finds inspiration in unexpected places, from far-flung neighborhoods to fleeting glimpses of a mysterious woman. With its beautiful linework and sparse, emotive prose, the book is an ode to creativity, a love letter to New York City and a celebration of urban life.

Marcellus Hall is known for his illustrations for The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and Time and numerous children’s books, and his music. In the 1990’s, Hall formed the band Railroad Jerk, providing vocals and playing guitar for the influential, industrial grunge-folk act whose four LPs on Matador Records helped define an era. He and drummer Dave Varenka later formed White Hassle, a duo with guitar, harmonica and drums that pre-dated the White Stripes and the Black Keys. Today the Minnesota-born artist and musician resides in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where’s he’s lived since the 1990’s and performs with the band Marcellus Hall and the Hostages.