Well now, this is sure to make you feel better about yourself.

Friedman explains:

I created these lovely faces for this new book cover from Fantagraphics, designed by Alexa Koenings and due out next month. The idea was conceived by the author, journalist/historian Ben Schwartz, to be an homage/parody of THE BELIEVER covers, although I had no intention, or interest in parodying the regular Charles Burns portraits. The faces are not meant to be any one in particular, rather I wanted to capture certain “types’ who write Comics Criticism. Full disclosure, Ben Schwartz has written about my work several times, an excellent profile of my book “Old Jewish comedians” for the LA TIMES, even interviewing Jerry Lewis, Freddie Roman, and an angry Jack Carter about being in the book, as well as an extensive profile of my work for COMIC ART MAGAZINE.



  1. Thanks for posting that Heidi!

    And Gene, when working for any number of celebrity driven magazines, from “Rolling Stone” to “Entertainment Weekly” and whoever hired him this week, Drew does a great job depicting the beautiful people.

    But when left to his own devices …


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