Skybound Entertainment, which has successfully translated several of its Image Comics properties to television, most notably The Walking Dead, has announced a new deal that raised a lot of eyes. Skybound inked a deal with popular Twitch streamer Dr. DisRespect to create a narrative TV series about Guy Beahm IV

Followers of the game streaming industry would be hard-pressed to come up with a more controversial performer to partner with. During this year’s E3, DisRespect brought his cameraman into the men’s bathroom during a live stream not just once but twice. In one instance, a child was using the urinal while the video was streamed to tens of thousands of viewers. Even though bringing a camera into a public bathroom is illegal in California, he was only banned from Twitch for two weeks. Critics argued that the short ban is because he’s one of the platform’s biggest earners.

That incident early this year is far from DisRespect’s only controversy. Last year he was called out for caricaturing Chinese accents, which he defended by saying that some of his best friends are Asian. He’s also known for attacking journalists who criticize him. All of that makes Skybound’s decision to sign a deal with Dr. DisRespect a highly questionable one and, given his history of repeating his mistakes, there’s no saying whether the heat they’re receiving will ever die down.