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Ignatz winner, Eisner-nominee Laura Park is a cartoonist who veers into “national treasure” territory for me. Her classically styled linework and delicate coloring mix with an ineffable, inspired mix of sadness and tenderness. Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream, her mini comic, is a small classic, released in small numbers. But hooray, D+Q will be publishing a collected edition of her comics under the Waking Dream title.

In what will be her graphic novel debut, Do Not Disturb my Waking dream will collect these minis, one hopes, along with some new comics.

The book was acquired by Tom Devlin, who states, “Laura Park is a good old fashioned power drawer. She can draw anything and is one of those rare people who can actually crosshatch. As anyone who has seen her sketchbooks can corroborate, Laura is able to dig deep into her mental and physical pain and turn that into some of the scariest, saddest, and most beautiful drawings around.”

Park’s work has appeared in Best American Comics, Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Vice magazine, and, and she illustrated two JAmes Patterson books, Middle School and I Funny.

No publication date announced, but this is already something to look forward to.



Walter 'tolerating' my primate need to hug on him.

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  1. She was also nominated for an Eisner for her short story FREAKS, which appeared in Superior Showcase #3. Some might forget it though, since there was also a fart story in that issue.

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