Think pollution is bad now? A new series from Mad Cave Studios is coming next year to show you just how bad it can get. Don’t Spit in the Wind is a four-issue miniseries from writer and artist Stefano Cardoselli, with colors and lettering by Dan Lee. The series, set in a future in which the Earth is no longer habitable, follows a toxic waste clean-up crew who start disappearing with no explanation.

Here’s how Mad Cave describes Don’t Spit in the Wind:

In the distant future, humanity has escaped the shell of what was once a lush, beautiful Earth, that has instead been left a dumping ground full of trash, smog, and pollution.

One man’s trash is another man’s living. Since earth became inhospitable, humanity escaped ages ago to live in a space station floating above the atmosphere. Now Travis and his crew of garbage men are tasked with cleaning up mountains of toxic waste, working for a company called Atomic Bros INC., to create a ‘Clear World’. But when one of Travis’ crew members goes missing near an old nuclear facility Travis’ job becomes a bit more complicated.

Don’t Spit in the Wind is the first creator-owned series to come from Mad Cave Studios. It’s also the first series for the publisher from Stefano Cardoselli, a frequent Heavy Metal Magazine contributor whose only other credit for Mad Cave is a variant cover for last month’s A Legacy of Violence #1. It’s also the latest collaboration between Cardoselli and Dan Lee, who previously teamed for a story in Lee’s Kickstarted book Gifford the Clown.

In a statement announcing the new series, Cardoselli and Lee both expressed their enthusiasm at bringing Don’t Spit in the Wind to readers:

“Every comic story I write and draw is always an immersive experience,” said Stefano Cardoselli. “Like going to the bottom of the sea without oxygen coils, fun and challenging at the same time.”

“Working with Stefano on Don’t Spit In The Wind was a no-brainer. His creative energy and speed is very infectious and I enjoy the challenge of trying to keep up with him,” said Daniel Lee. “I really hope the characters, world and themes of this story hits readers the same way it did me when I first read the pitch. It can be enjoyed as a fun sci-fi romp, or a grizzly premonition of the planet’s future. Either way, it has been a pure joy to try and make the trash-filled world Stefano has created look as beautiful as possible.”

Check out the variant cover by Zach Howard & Nelson Dániel for the first issue of the series below. Don’t Spit in the Wind #1 (of 4) is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, March 29th.


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