(From left to right: Nick Lowe, Nick Spencer, Donny Cates, Devin Lewis)

God Country, the creator-owned mini-series that catapulted writer Donny Cates to comics stardom in 2017, is coming to the big screen.

That book, which was co-created by artist Geoff Shaw, was a massive hit for Image Comics, selling out and landing Cates a Marvel exclusive deal by the end of its six-issue run. Cates has gone on to become one of Marvel’s most prominent voices, writing some of its biggest page-to-screen characters of late, including both Venom and Thanos with a forthcoming run on Guardians of the Galaxy.

God Country will be adapted for film by Legendary Entertainment and AfterShock Mediaoptioning, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s a story set in a dusty part of Texas, like some of Cates’ other high-profile creator-owned work (see also Redneck), and it involves the aging patriarch of a family bonding with an inter-dimensional sword via tornado. While wielding the sword, the old man regains total control of his faculties, with the rub being that he also has to fight a horde of malevolent gods and monsters.

The sword is called Valofax, and God Country is a very good comic.

In addition, reports have Cates also writing the screenplay. Also of note is that AfterShock is partnering with Legendary to develop the property, even though God Country was not part of its AfterShock Comics line.

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