As you may have been aware, the new Doctor Strange series has the good doctor leaving Earth in search of more magic.  Of course, there might be a little more to it than that.  Marvel’s dropped the news that Doctor Strange #3 will have have Stephen Strange bumping into the Super-Skrull, who’s got the Time Stone (formerly known as the Time Gem).  And where there are Infinity Stones (Gems), you know an Event can’t be far behind.

Yes, Doctor Strange #3 officially is part of the set-up for the Infinity Wars series that’s still in our future.

Hmmm… that makes a person wonder if any other Marvel titles that suddenly popped out into space are going to having some Infinity Wars setup happening during the summer?

Official PR follows:

After finding the magic of planet Earth depleted, Doctor Strange takes to the stars.

There, he expects to find alien sorcerers and mystical artifacts, but in DOCTOR STRANGE #3, he finds something much more powerful…an Infinity Stone!

This July, the Super-Skrull has the Time Stone, and Doctor Strange can’t let him keep it in this special INFINITY WARS lead-in!

Written by Mark Waid with art by Jesus Saiz, Stephen Strange joins the escalating action of this cosmic event.

As series editor Nick Lowe describes the action, things are going to get messy pretty quickly for the mage. “As if you didn’t need enough reasons to pick up DOCTOR STRANGE #1 next week, did we mention that issue #3 is part of the set up for INFINITY WARS? A nearly de-powered Doctor Strange ends up face-to-face with the Super Skrull, which puts Stephen in deep doo-doo. And Strange doesn’t even know the Skrull has an Infinity Stone. So I guess this is the last issue of DOCTOR STRANGE?”

On July 4, journey across the stars with the INFINITY WARS lead-in DOCTOR STRANGE #3, by Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz!


  1. Certainly Black Panther will and end up tying in. And certainly Marvel won’t pass up the chance to relaunch either Doctor Strange or Black Panther again at new #1’s once Infinity Wars is wrapped up in a few months.

  2. I actually like the idea of lead-ins. Reminds me of how good Starlin Silver Surfer was before IG. If the story is good, might offset clunkiness of Dr Strange mirroring his MCU counterpart. Got to be worthwhile and not just outright vehicle though

  3. I WAS interested in this series, until this article hit. Ugh… I know there’s an audience for events, but I just don’t care about them. I don’t care about the fabric of the Marvel or DC universes. I care about individual characters and teams, or creative teams I believe in.

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