While we’re all digesting and gossiping about today’s news, here’s some truly disturbing photos, via Interbent. A few are Photoshop jobs. Most, God help us, are not.


  1. Gosh, I’m tired of talking about comics. Time for everyone’s favorite activity – random hating on fat people!

  2. Those stupid fat people who enjoy comics. The funny part is they’re overweight. And lucky for them they chose a hobby with a lot of self loathing. Trying to go out to a con and have a good time. What idiots. Should have stayed home.
    Thank goodness someone’s calling them on it and making fun of them.
    Nice stuff and well worth linking to.

  3. Nah, Ian, it’s ‘stupid fat people who don’t know that a six pack isn’t something you drink and therefor don’t have the common sense to know that spandex doesn’t agree with that potbelly’.
    That’s basic Trinny and Suzanne!

  4. You know, it’s not like I said “disgusting fatties in spandex…god, that’s horrible.” I deliberately used a word “portly” which is somewhat neutral. I think a pretty good case can be made that these people are just expressing the same kind of wish fulfillment as smaller people who love to dress up as superheroes….and you know what? I make fun of THOSE people too. I’m pretty sure that if someone put up pictures of me dressed in a Wonder Woman costume, I would get some heat for it, and my response to that is never to be photographed wearing my Wonder Woman costume.

    So is there to be no more mockery of the unwise or over confident here at Stately Beat Manor?

  5. It’s unwise to dress up in a superhero costume at a comic con? If these folks were in the library, yeah not the time of the place. An unwise choice. But this is like making fun of people’s outfits at a gay pride parade. It’s the one time of the year, you can dress up and just have have a good time. That Iron Man outfit took a lot of work. It’s fun. This kind of site just takes a dump on that.

    Do you really think the folks in those pictures are over confident?

    Wizard Magazine used to back just packed with fat and gay jokes. Because it was written by people who were called those names in school and once they got a bit of power they did what people do, used the same things that hurt them to make fun of others. It’s self loathing bullshit and people need to be called on it.

    You didn’t say disgusting the headline. You said truly disturbing. I don’t see a lot of difference.

    And if someone gave you heat for wearing a Wonder Woman outfit then screw them for making the world a less fun place.