Diane Nelson 9.09
With the new five-headed management team being unveiled at DC, a big question is who reports where? Meetings with the new management team are ongoing today at the DC offices — the announcement was made at a 9 am meeting with Diane Nelson — and we’ve gotten word of a few key changes.

Vertigo SVP/Executive editor Karen Berger will be reporting to Dan DiDio. The two have never had a very close creative relationship, so this will be…interesting. Given Vertigo’s strength as an IP developer, however, it would seem foolish to mess with the formula too much.

Gregory Noveck, currently SVP Creative Affairs for DC, and their main Hollywood connection, will report to Geoff Johns who tangentially, Noveck was instrumental in getting Johns involved with the Hollywood side of things. Noveck was widely seen as a fall guy for DC’s halting efforts in the movie business, (a story in Variety about all the changes last September did all but finger him directly), so his future with the company remains clouded at best.

We’re also hearing that Richard Bruning, currently SVP-Creative Director, is getting a diminished role at the company. Bruning’s future at DC was widely speculated on, since he is also married to Berger, and Warner Brothers has very stringent rules about relatives working together.

Another name that many have wondered about is Bob Wayne, currently VP of Sales. The Lee/DiDio/Johns group would seem to have strong ties to Wayne, so we’d expect him to stay in his current role, although this has not been confirmed.

Developing, as they say.


  1. Looks to me like the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet. I wonder if Berger is going to stand for DiDio’s usually intrusive meddling management style for long.

  2. I think Greg Noveck at this point will probably get let go eventually. I mean, his role as the liaison between DC and WB is now irrelevant since the formation of DC Entertainment.

    @KET I know that some people may not like Dan, but what you’re saying is such a bold statement that I can’t believe you unless you can back your statement up.

  3. “@KET – When have you worked for DiDio?”

    One doesn’t have to in order to understand corporate bureaucracy; Time Warner already went through this very same situation when they merged with AOL.

  4. >> Time Warner already went through this very same situation when they merged with AOL.>>

    Karen Berger wouldn’t stand for it?

    Wow, that must have been a surprise in those board meetings…


  5. KET—you didn’t answer the question.

    you spoke as if you had specific knowledge of someone’s personal working style and then you fobbed it off as being typically corporate.

    if you can’t stand by your assertions, then please don’t make them.

  6. @KET – All of your assertions have been specifically targeted not at the “corporate bureaucracy” but at DiDio specifically because it’s clear you don’t like him. Which is fine, your entitled to your opinion. However passing that opinion off in tone and syntax as fact, as if you have some specific experience in working for him, which is how your posting is coming off is disingenuous at best. We get it, you don’t like DiDio or what he’s done at DC. However, you can stop passing your dislike of him off in at the very least tone, if not syntax, as having specific experience in working for the man. Because as you’ve admitted, you haven’t. So stop pretending like you have any idea of what working for him or under him is like until you actually do so.