Time for a look at a few more digital comics sales, some of which are expiring today.

First up, running through Sunday is an Inhumans sale.  Here’s the Amazon link and here’s the Comixology link.  Yes, yes… Marvel’s over-exposed the Inhumans badly, so I’m going to recommend a couple older titles.  Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee did a great Inhuman 12-parter for the original Marvel Knights imprint that may still be the best Inhumans arc (as opposed to the Inhumans appearing in an FF arc).  You also can’t go wrong returning to the original Lee/Kirby, so here’s a collection of the original appearances.  Alas, the recent Black Bolt series isn’t in the sale — that one is the real deal.

Ending today (5/31), Dynamite has a “Writer’s Sale” over at Comixology.  Amazon seems to be following the sale pricing, but doesn’t seem to have a specific page for it.  This sale is essentially a novelist sale.  Works based on novels and novelists working in comics.  What may be of particular interest is the Dresden Files line of graphic novels.  Some of the are adaptions, some of them are new stories in continuity and Jim Butcher seems actively involved in the adaptions.

Also ending today, Comixology has a Moebius sale.  The Incal is a classic.  This one is Comixology-only.


  1. Has anyone noticed that Amazon has stopped offering discounts on TPBs and HCs before they go on sale? Or at the very least they only offer superficial discounts?

  2. So we should be coming up on Marvel’s next quarterly sale in about a month. I’m curious if we’ll see 99 cent recent trades again, the big discount on their entire catalog li,e they used to, or nothing. Amazon pushed things by trying to make the 99 cent sale a weekly thing so I’m curious if a compromise was to limit that to quarterly or once a year.

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