Nearly all video game showcases follow the same structure: an introduction by a semi-charismatic host, followed by trailer after trailer of previously-announced or brand-new games. Devolver Digital, the publisher of games including Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, and Katana Zero, does its annual presentation very differently, interspersing game trailers with silly skits filled with an Adult Swim type of humor.

As teased last week, this year’s showcase went full meta, mocking video game presentations for being glorified marketing tools, publishers for being middle-men, and the industry’s obsessions with engagement metrics. It also featured new gameplay from upcoming titles Cult of the Lamb and Card Sharks, plus the reveals of three really intriguing games: frenetic shooter Anger Foot, action-adventure The Plucky Squire, and hyper-stylized skater Skate Story, all scheduled to release in 2023.

Watch the Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing presentation below.