90s/00s publisher Devil’s Due has been on the bench for a while following cash flow problems and the loss of most of its top titles—The GI Joe license, which Devils Due pioneered, went to IDW, and so forth. However, no one in comics ever really goes away, and they’ve just launched a new website and a new brand:

Heard about Devil’s Due’s recent rebranding and relaunch? Devil’s Due Entertainment is an incubator and producer of pop culture content. As cartographers drawing the maps in an uncharted world of new media, Devil’s Due brings together a vertically integrated platform to develop stories and fantasy worlds, and implement the circulation of that content.

In addition to its own creations, the company is servicing the needs of its partners who want to draw attention to and monetize their brands in the pop culture space.

Projects include a new print edition of the webcomic PLUME, and DD founder Josh Blaylock’s HOW TO SELF PUBLISH COMICS, NOT JUST CREATE THEM, a how to:

Josh Blaylock’s ultimate guide to Self Publishing is UPDATED to include the newest conditions in the industry – most notably the rise of digital comics, changes in the book store landscape, and crowd source funding. This guide is a MUST for anyone seeking the REAL scoop on just what it takes to get your comic book ideas out into the world.

Devil’s Due is also publishing MERCY SPARX, which we originally read as MERCY SPANX, and while we’ll go with the original, a comic about runway-ready, fat-compressing undergarments is long overdue.


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