kid mafia.jpg
Three-time 2013 Ignatz Winner Michael DeForge is a prolific cartoonist — very prolific. So if you’re wondering just which strip is Kid Mafia, it’s the one about skateboarding teens who are also Mafia kingpins who go around cutting deals and then cutting up bodies when things don’t go so good. It’s drawn in DeForge’s signature dysmorphic style, and it’s very creepy. You can read the first four issues for free right here on the interweb, but LA’s Secret Headquarters is reprinting the OOP first three issues in a digest edition, in October or November, DeForge reports. Cover is above. Not only is this another example of DeForge being prolific, it’s another example of the growing comics shop/micro-publisher trend, as seen by the Big Planet/Retrofit team-up and Bergen Street’s Michel Fiffe line. Have we missed some? Tell us.