You, me, and everyone into manga around 2006 should remember Death Note, the fantastic psychological thriller about a bored teenage genius outwitting the police and a reclusive detective as he reshapes the world one murder at a time.  Following the series’ conclusion, creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata went on to create the light-hearted Bakuman, an inspired fictionalized account of two kids’ quest to become the top manga creators in Japan.  Now, the pair have announced Platinum’s End, a series about “a human and an angel.”

The main character is Mirai Kakehashi, a young boy who doesn’t see the point to living.  Thematically and visually, it seems like the story will veer closer to the serious moods, existential musings and religious themes that Death Note expressed interest in exploring than it will to Bakuman, which embraced a more joyous attitude throughout its run.platinum-end1

The series will debut in Shueisha’s Jump SQ on November 4th.  A preview will appear in the October 5th issue of Japan’s Shonen Jump.  No word on an English release yet, but we’ll be looking for word at New York Comic Con.

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