Meanwhile, Marvel has been teasing various events that promise both a shocking death and a shocking resurrection, or in other words, business as usual Monday-Friday in comic book world. But who? The resurrection seems to hint at Docor Octopus and the death…well, could be anyone really. What do you think? Please present your own vital evidence.   


  1. Doctor Octopus has already been resurrected in his old robot in Amazing Spider-Man so I feel like it’s PROBABLY him???

  2. I’m thinking Doc makes his play, but it opens the gates. As for the Death of X, I’m gonna straight up say it is X-Men related – either the reveal of the Cyclops stuff, or a very nerd-baity “Death of the X-Men” event that will see the internet’s X-conspirists explode.

  3. don’t know if marvel will go in this direction considering the “death no more” plot seems to be a spidey related story, but i think it would make for a interesting story if “death no more” pertained to frank castle’s family. what would frank do with the reality that his family is back . would he quit being the punisher to be with his family, would he continue his illegal activities of executing criminals without benefit of trial or conviction, or would he snap at seeing his family alive,completely lose his mind, slaughter them all over again, and go on his merry way. the possibilities are endless. who knows tho’, maybe it’ll be gwen stacey that’ll be “dead no more”. bring her back and turn her into the spider-gwen of the 616 universe. considering that marvel has said the parker will never, ever, ever get married again, it doesn’t matter if they resurrect his first and greatest love (hell, they got mary jane playing patty-cake with tony stark), so why not bring back gwen. i guess we’ll see soon enough.

  4. Not Spider-related, but Wolverine must be coming due for a resurrection, soon. He’s been “dead” for abut a year-and-a-half, now.

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