Marvel has had a busy last couple of days leading up to C2E2, the Civil War II event and WonderCon next weekend. The publisher launched a cover for an upcoming Free Comic Book Day title; Spider-Man: Dead No More. The ominous Dead No More teaser leading up to the comic led many fans to speculate if Peter Parker’s own Uncle Ben would return to the Marvel Universe. The character, widely regarded as the only person in the Marvel Universe to stay dead is prominently featured on the cover from Marvel drawn by Alexander Lozano (Marvel’s 100th Anniversary Covers).

To say that Marvel is even toying with bringing back an important supporting character who has stayed dead for decades would make for a controversial decision may downplay the situation. CBR broke the covers from C2E2’s Diamond Retailer Breakfast and even speculated as to the identity of the other characters in the image including Captain George Stacy and Jean DeWolff — can you make out any other characters in the image above? Spider-Man: Dead No More will be made available at participating comic book shops May 7 during Free Comic Book Day.

In addition, Marvel announced a Spider-Man tie-in to Civil War II written by Christos Gage (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and drawn by Travel Foreman (Animal Man). The company even broke down the two different sides of the conflict yesterday. While Spider-Man was initially shown to be aligned Captain Marvel’s team, the cover for Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Khary Randolph (Starborn) alludes to a more complicated scenario mirroring the original Civil War which compromised Spidey’s identity and personal life. The comic book is shipping in June, CBR has the cover and information.


So…uhm…that’s not it!

Yesterday CBR broke the full team rosters that we hinted at earlier. Small details of the Civil War II plot has been previously revealed by Marvel, with Captain Marvel taking a radical change in deciding to endorse a Minority Report-esque opportunity to stop crime before it is committed. Iron Man is opposing the radical change in direction this time, trying to enforce the status quo.  Take a look at the roster for each team below and take a moment to realize how comics share some things in common with sports.

Protect-the-Future-e82a1 Change-the-Future-b3599

Finally, CBR just broke news from the All-New, All-Different Avengers series written by Mark Waid. The writer clarified that issues #7 and #8 of the comic will tie-into the Pleasant Hill crossover– an Avengers event that is touted as a Civil War II prelude. However, the comic may not directly tie-into Civil War II as Waid confirmed that issues #10-12 will have the team engaged in Sam Alexander, Nova’s conflict. This is all speculation, as both Nova and Civil War II could happen in the span of those issues — speculate away!


The Beat will keep an ear to the ground listening for all the new developments at Marvel over the busy convention season.


  1. It’s going to be Gwen, right? It has to be Gwen. They’re going to reinterpret the reader’s interest in Spider-Gwen as an interest in regular Gwen and bring her back.

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