Actress/Pundit/View co-host Whoopi Goldberg made no secret of her attendance at NYCC to pitch her comic book idea. And now, it seems DC co-publisher Dan DiDio will be listening to the pitch…on The View.
“Tomorrow on The View, I get to appear with Whoopi Goldberg and listen to her comic series pitch. I only hope she brought samples of her work!” DiDio FBed.

Previously Robert Kirkman appeared on The View to talk about WALKING DEAD, an invasion of the third rail/fourth quadrant for comics—the older female demographic which does read comics but isn’t so vocal about it. The View panel also covered Barbara Walters’ Bluewater bio comic in a more locular fashion.

Goldberg famously has a tattoo of Snoopy on her person, and has never kept her interest in comic books a secret although she hasn’t gone full nerdlebrity on it…until now .

Wonder if there will be any talk about Stephanie Brown, refrigerators, or the like during the segment?


  1. I remember a time when comic fans would *shat* themselves with excitement that a comics publisher would be on a major talk show. Now there is nothing but snark.

  2. Negative. Negative. Negative. Negative. Negative.

    All the negativity and snark is so tired some.

    Any time any comics company gets some visibility outside the same old same old, regardless of what kind of stunt it is, or who is involved, everybody should be excited. It only raises the visibility overall and legitimizes comics a little bit more for everyone.

    And I agree with Sue. I’m fairly certain Dan DiDio’s employment history helped him here. He used to be a bigwig in the daytime department at ABC. Quite honestly, I wish he was using these connections more when he can.

  3. From the official DC bio:
    “He began his television career in 1981 at CBS, where he worked at a variety of positions before moving to Capital Cities/ABC in 1985. At ABC, DiDio served as Public Relations Manager for the three New York-based daytime dramas, then moved to Los Angeles to become Executive Director of Children’s Programming.” – See more at: http://www.dcentertainment.com/management/dan-didio#sthash.dUZK8zhM.dpuf

    Wait… ABC… Owned by Disney… Which owns Marvel…

    Well played, Dan.

  4. It gets snark because many comic fans are tired of entitled celebrities having their stupid comic pitches get attention. Unless you liked that shitty werewolf comic that the dude from “Heroes” did for 5 minutes.

  5. “All the negativity and snark is so tired some.”
    Then don’t read it, concern troll. Kissing corporate behind whenever suits decide to court outside media for self-aggrandizement is pretty stupid in and of itself.

  6. I am excited to watch my friend on TV. Dan started in that field… it’s when I met him years ago. The headline to this piece makes me sad. I learned years ago that anything that helps people be aware that comic books exist and are not just movies and TV shows helps. We did it many years ago getting Kevin Smith to write Dardevil. Comic book awareness is always important for our field to grow.

  7. “Then don’t read it, concern troll. Kissing corporate behind whenever suits decide to court outside media for self-aggrandizement is pretty stupid in and of itself.”

    KET, I don’t understand why you do anything you do. If i was as disgusted with comics (and in particular DC and Marvel) and how they are run, I couldn’t be bothered to read or comment on anything related to them.

    As far as calling me a concern troll, that’s certainly a brand new insult for me that you’ve added to you arsenal, and another that’s entirely off the mark once again. It’s impossible for me as a human being to pre-process the things I read. I have grown to that level of human evolution as apparently you have.

    Once again, Jimmy Palmiotti puts it best. –

    “Comic book awareness is always important for our field to grow.”

  8. Jimmy, I read the headline more as snark about THE VIEW. Perhaps because I think it’s a horrible television program. Then again, I’m not the target audience.

  9. It’s more shock that two disparate—and controversial— entities such as The View and Dan DiDio could come together.

    As in didn’t see that one coming.

  10. Whoopi lived in San Diego from 1974 to 1981 (when her name was Caryn Johnson, and she acted in the San Diego Rep). I often wonder whether she ever attended SDCC back then.
    A bit of trivia: She witnessed the horrific PSA plane crash over the skies of San Diego in 1978 and developed such a fear of flying that she only traveled by bus across country for many years afterward.

  11. This doesn’t help comics. It maybe helps corporate comics, a thing with a horrific reputation for how it treats people, but it doesn’t do a damn thing for comics. Chris Ware being loved by the New Yorker crowd helps comics. This is just….blah….another celebrity trying to make a comic with a big corporation….who cares?

  12. Actually, it helps comicbook awareness. So does chris ware. So does anyone with a positive fun message…which the piece had. Woopie celebrated comics and the con, and it was a sweet piece. She spent a lot of time talking how cool and fun the culture is . How is any of that bad?

  13. I agree with Jimmy.

    I think ANY awareness of the comics helps the medium as a whole. Someone may go into an LCS, online or on Comixology after this interview and “stumble” across a totally different genre of comics in the process.

    EVERY PR opportunity for the medium is a gateway.

  14. Maybe Whoopie’s comic will be awesome, in which cause, sure, good for comics. But I can’t help but think of the numerous other failed celebrity comic creators (Rosario Dawson, Seth Green, that guy from Heroes whose name I can’t be bothered to look up, etc.) and be pretty concerned.

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