It’s been six months since Disney officially took over its ownership of 20thCentury Fox, and there are still a lot of questions about what might happen with some of the projects that were underway, particularly with Fox’s “Deadpool” movies, starring Ryan Reynolds, which were some of the studio’s bigger moneymakers. (Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld seemed rather optimistic back in April.)

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writing duo that wrote both Deadpool movies, and who also have their sequel Zombieland: Double Tap hitting theaters Friday, would probably be two very likely people to know what’s happening with plans to make a third movie. The Beat spoke to them on Friday and asked them if they have any idea when they might be get the greenlight to make a follow-up to 2018’s blockbuster sequel Deadpool 2.

Although they don’t have an exact answer, at least they seem ready to go as soon as Disney gives the go-ahead, and they’re hopeful Marvel Studios will allow them to play in their sandbox, as well.

“We’re in touch with Ryan often,” Wernick told us over the phone. “The word down the line is that we’re going to continue to play with Deadpool in his R-rated universe, and that is a gift that’s going to keep on giving. Moving down the line, hopefully we’ll be allowed to bring some MCU toys into the sandbox. We just have to land on the right idea, and the timing’s gotta be right. We’re always thinking about it. We wake up thinking about Deadpool, and we go to sleep dreaming about him. It will happen, it’s just when and making sure that when it does, it’s the right idea.”

“Sometimes, it’s hard to get a voice out of your head, and that’s Deadpool for us,” Reese added. “We’re excited to do another one.”

I asked the duo whether they might have something akin to the Batphone that might ring when Disney/Fox are ready to move forward with that third movie, but it sounds like they all keep in touch and are always throwing ideas back and forth.

“It’s interesting,” Wernick responded. “We have a group text with Ryan that’s been ongoing since 2009, and the sh*t that goes back and forth. I’ve reached for my phone at 3 in the morning and sent texts to Rhett and Ryan, ‘Oh my God, I’ve cracked Deadpool’…”

“And then he wakes up…” Reese quips.

“And then I wake up in the morning to…” Wernick continued.

Reese jumps in with, “No response…”

That’s when Wernick realizes, “Uh oh, maybe I didn’t crack Deadpool, and then I read the text that I sent at 3 in the morning and nope, I definitely didn’t crack Deadpool.”

We’ll have more with the writers either before or shortly after the release of Zombieland: Double Tap on Friday. In the meantime, look for The Beat’s interview with director Ruben Fleischer, who also directed last year’s Venom.


  1. “The word down the line is that we’re going to continue to play with Deadpool in his R-rated universe, and that is a gift that’s going to keep on giving.”

    I’ve been wondering about this. Disney hasn’t released an R-rated movie in about a decade, and I’ve read that no R-rated movies will stream on Disney Plus. So I’ve been wondering where the many R-rated Fox movies (going back to 1968) will end up.

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