DC has announced its September stunt for the year at the ComicsPRO meeting down in Atlanta and it’s the return of those new-fangled lenticular motion covers, plus a tie-in the the weekly series THE NEW 52: FUTURE’S END. According to an email from a publicity temp at WBE, “Following the overwhelming success of 2013s “Villains Month” 3-D motion covers, DC Comics is bringing the technology back this September!” And according to a post on the DC Comics blog

What will SUPERMAN look like in 3-D Motion? Head on over to NEWSARAMA for the complete story and hear what DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan DiDio has to say on the matter.


Unfortunately the post did not include link to Newsarama, but we were able to figure it out on our own. Basically all the New 52 titles will flash forward to five years in the future, to depict what “might” happen in the future

The event ties into the May-launching weekly series The New 52: Futures End , and DiDio said DC will launch some new ongoing titles in June and/or July that will also be included in the September event.

DiDio emphasized that DC fans who aren’t reading the weekly will still get a lot of hints about the future for each of their existing ongoing series.

“It gives some exciting teases of potential storylines that might be coming for our characters in the near future ,” DiDio said of the event. “These stories aren’t going to just be tied into the weekly. But what you’ll be seeing is a lot of the writers who are working on series right now projecting forward — their ideas, their storylines, where they think their character might be five years from now.

Some revelations from FUTURE’S END: five years into the future DC Comics will be located on the West Coast, there still will not be a Wonder Woman movie, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee will no longer be working as co-publishers of DC Comics, and Marvel will be on the Woodgod III movie.

OK we made those up. This is perfectly fine as a gimmick goes. We’d loved to hear what assembeld retailers—who were badly stung by the ordering time frame for the Villains Month 3D motion covers, had to say about this announcement at ComicsPRO.

Also…the DCU has gone so many times to this “going forward/going back” gimmick. It will be Four years since the launch of the New 52 this fall…will the new readers who jumped on board be excited enough about this gimmick to make it work this time?


  1. The oldest comic in my collection that *I* personally got brand new off the news stand is Superman # 170. Yes, the famous JFK memorial issue. But the cover was a groovy “What if Lex Luthor was Superman’s father?” Insane!

    But what is insane now, is the constant and never ending “events”. I cannot follow it all. It is too much money, it is too confusing and just Too. Damn. Stupid. Where are the good stories, told in an issue, maybe two? Characters that act the same from one issue to the net? Not to mention writers and artists that stick with the title for more than a few months?

    Mebbe I am old and should stick with telling those kids to get off my damned lawn. I dunno.

    But finally, they are losing me. Title after title has dropped from my pull list and I am down to Batman and my beloved Superman. But neither of them are who they were to me over the last 50 plus years.

    I think the time is nearing for me to say good bye and this stunt might finally be the last one.

    DC guys and gals… Just tell me some good stories and save the fluff and crap and marketing craziness for another time, ok? Please?

  2. After growing up with DC and spending my adult life as a reader, I’ve totally given up on them (except for the odd Vertigo item). Not because they rebooted the DCU [whine, pout, tremble in fear of change], but because they took advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start to make it all so grim and creatively stifling. Yet another clockwork sell-a-book-by-its-cover stunt that gets in the way of writers using individual series to tell self-contained stories … assures me that moving on has been the right choice.

  3. In the last few weeks I picked up some early ’80s Teen Titans and Batman & The Outsiders issues. And I’ve been flipping through Gaiman’s Black Orchid series, planning a reread. It’s absolutely insane to see how far DC has fallen. A few decades ago they could put out high quality stuff without really seeming to devote a lot of editorial effort/marketing to do so. Now everything reads like a clusterf—. Counterintuitively, it seems like the more crossovers they do, the LESS my experience of a “shared universe” with any sort of cohesion.

    Azzarello’s Wonder Woman isn’t perfect, but at least it’s been consistent and sensible. But that’s ending soon.

    I enjoy the odd title here and there (Charles Soule’s Swamp Thing, SOME issues of Tomasi’s Batman & ____). But even in the good titles I just feel a sense of blankness, like whatever’s good about them is occurring in a vacuum. There isn’t a sense of cohesion or artistic community. The Channel 52 thing has got to go. The solution isn’t to print ego-stroking fan-letters (like they tried to do a few years ago for a couple months); but please just give us some sort of page(s) that comments on other titles in a way that facilitates a sense of intertextuality or creative collaboration on SOME level, please.

    Instead, we get more notices of 3-D covers, seven months out. I don’t care about that; give me some sort of thought put into my comics instead.

  4. There are no long term readers any more. That is what is forcing these dramatic stunts… fickle readers, roving creative teams, titles coming and going. Publishers are not sure what to do to sell comics anymore; readers are easily bored and distracted to other sources of entertainment.

  5. The only place that DC is doing anything interesting, other than some of the Vertigo titles, is their animated ventures which, though drawing off of the monthly stories, are far better than their source material. I just watched Justice League War this past week and it was wonderful as was the recently ended Young Justice series.

    Oh and their digital series Injustice is superb as well as is both of the Beyond seies that first come out digitally.

  6. I get the 3D covers I would totally assume they would go after it again. But three weeklies? Like on going stories? Crazy you miss a week and then why bother, really too easy to fall of the weekly train and say @&$) it.

  7. I am breaking my NDA agreement to give you this scoop from my review copy of New52: Future’s End. The biggest revelation of the series will be the final message: “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

    Silly but True

  8. Hey, it’s the Armageddon 2001 annuals back again, in lenticular motion form! Well, it’s been… 23…years? Really?

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