DCeased: Dead PlanetDCeased: Dead Planet is set to continue DC Comics’ smash-hit techno-zombie saga this June with a new series from Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine.

The publisher, which made the official announcement with an interview in The Hollywood Reporter, basically struck sales gold last year with DCeased, a limited series from Taylor and Hairsine that saw a techno-virus spread throughout the DC Universe, turning the publisher’s biggest heroes — including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman — into zombies. We’re about to hit spoiler territory for the first book here, so be warned, but that story ended with a younger generation of heroes, as well as some of DC’s deep bench of characters fleeing into space.

In DCeased: Dead Planet, those characters are now returning to the Earth, ready to take on a near-total infestation of, as the name implies, a dead planet.

While Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman may all be gone, the cover for the new book (above…and done by David Finch) reveals that characters like Jon Kent (Superboy) and Damian Wayne (Robin) have now taken up the mantles for their mentors and fathers.

In addition to announcing the book, THR also shared the first interior artwork from the new series, which you can find below. As you can see, DC’s magic characters — Swamp Thing, Zatana, and Constantine — are about to get some more run in this one. At Taylor told THR, the new book has been planned from the start, and it stands to payoff a lot of seeds planted in DCeased and its adjacent series and one-shots. Here’s a quote from that interview…

I’m not going to lie, I always had a lot more DCeased planned. Pretty much from page one. But it all came down to how well readers and retailers responded. The single issues sold around a million copies and we’ve just heard the hardcover is going back for a third printing. This means we get to have a lot more violent, tragic fun.

“We set up so many things in DCeasedA Good Day to Die and Unkillables, and now we get to pay it all off. The heroes we saved and brought to a new Earth will return. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are still there along with any survivors from Unkillables. And then we have the continuing story of Constantine, Zatanna, Doctor Fate and other magic users.

And now, on to the artwork. The first cover is by David Finch, the second by Trevor Hairsine, and the third by Francesco Mattina. All the interior pages are by Hairsine…enjoy!

DCeased: Dead Planet

DCeased: Dead Planet

DCeased: Dead Planet