DC has announced a new one-shot called Last God: Songs of Lost Children, which is due out Sept. 22 from writer Dan Watters and artist Steve Beach.

This marks the first original story outside of the Last God maxiseries main book, which has also been expanded by The Last God: Sourcebook, which was a role-playing campaign sourcebook.

Anyway, the full press from the announcement today along with the book’s cover can be found below:

On September 22, DC adds a new tale to the epic world of The Last God with a one-shot story spotlighting Queen Cyanthe! in The Last God: Songs of Lost Children #1.

The Last God: Song of Lost Children #1 is set a decade after the infamous battle of the Black Stair.  An incognito Queen Cyanthe and her handmaiden embark on a journey to the poverty-stricken villages outside Tyrgolad. When faced with stories of disappearing children and a real-life encounter with a great and ancient monster, Cyanthe realizes that tales of lurking monsters are anything but folklore and must return to her warrior roots to slay this new and ghastly threat. Special guest writer Dan Watters (LuciferCoffin Bound) and artist Steve Beach (The Last God: Tales from the Book of Ages) join the world of the Last God for this tale from the age of Tyrgolad.

The Last God: Songs of Lost Children #1 is a can’t-miss story for fans of both The Last God series and dark fantasy alike! It arrives in open and operating stores and participating digital retailers beginning Tuesday, September 22. The book carries DC’s “Black Label” descriptor, identifying the content as appropriate for readers 17+.

The Last God: Songs of Lost Children #1
Written by DAN WATTERS
ONE-SHOT | ON SALE 09/22/20
$4.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC

Last God: Songs of Lost Children