In May DC is reimagining your beloved Hanna Barbera cartoons with books like Future Quest and Scooby Apocalypse. While that latter title sounds like a late night Tumblr parody, it isn’t. And here are the variant covers by Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Porter and Neal Adams to prove it.


Future Quest debuts on May 18, written by Jeff Parker (Batman ’66, Justice League United) with art by Evan “Doc” Shaner (Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern). Okay this sounds totally cool. The main cover is by Shaner with variants by Rude and Sienkiewicz.




Scooby Apocalypse by co-writers Keith Giffen (Sugar & Spike, Legends of Tomorrow anthology) and JM DeMatteis and artist Howard Porter (Superman) and presents those meddling kids tangling with actual demons and devils. Because when the demon apocalypse comes, only a Great Dane shall save us. Variants by Porter and Adams.