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Users of the recently-rechristened DC Universe Infinite were greeted by a pleasant surprise this morning: the service has launched a new exclusive series. Let Them Live!: Unpublished Tales from the DC Vault is an anthology series that features “stories that never were…published, that is.” The first issue of the series features a Suicide Squad story by Jim Zub, Tradd Moore, Felipe Sobreiro, and Nate Piekos. The story is presented with a framing sequence starring the one and only Ambush Bug by Elliott KalanMike NortonMarissa Louise, and Saida Temofonte.

The cover to LET THEM LIVE! #1, featuring art by Mike Norton, Marissa Louise, and Tradd Moore.

Here’s how the first issue of Let Them Live! is described within the DC Universe Infinite app:

Welcome to the DC Vault! Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of all the stories that never were…published, that is. Let Ambush Bug be your guide through this cavalcade of comics, all while speculating wildly about why they never saw the light of day! First up, a wild ride with Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad as they take down a mad scientist and his monsters that begs the question: why did Amanda Waller never ask Ambush Bug to join Task Force X? It’s kind of hurtful, honestly.

Future issues of the series, published bi-weekly, will feature previously-unpublished stories starring Nightwing and Batman:

  • Let Them Live! #2 — a Nightwing story by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Jorge Corona, Mat Lopes and Carlos M. Mangual — debuting 2/16 with a frame story by Elliott Kalan, Mike Norton and Marissa Louise.

  • Let them Live! #3 — Batman story by Scott Bryan Wilson, John Paul Leon, Dave Stewart and Deron Bennet — debuting 3/2 with a frame story by Elliott Kalan, Mike Norton and Marissa Louise.

As mentioned, Let Them Live! is currently exclusive to the DC Universe Infinite app, which officially switched over from being plain old DC Universe in late January. While Infinite lacks the video content that its predecessor hosted (all of that’s moved or is moving over to HBO Max), the addition of exclusive comics content should help make up for that. Let Them Live! is also a smart way to keep inventory stories that might not fit into DC’s current publishing plans from going to waste, so to speak.

The question remains, how far back will the series reach in DC’s archives? Could we see any of the entries from DC’s legendary late ’70s Cancelled Comics Cavalcade presented here? Personally, the inclusion of Ambush Bug as the series’ curator has me hopeful that we may eventually see Keith Giffen‘s Ambush Bug: Year None #6 presented as it was originally intended.

Check out a few preview pages from the first issue below. Let Them Live! #1 is available to DC Universe Infinite subscribers to read right now.


  1. I was planning to let my DC Universe subscription end, but… this will probably be enough for me to change my mind. There is a ton of inventory never published in the US: Superman Ehapa albums from the 1980s, Sugar and Spike from Mexico, Cancelled Comics Cavalcade, series proposals that were abandoned, etc.

  2. One more thing: I’m pleased DC is putting a real, live Arabic issue number on this comic’s covers. Lots of DC’s digital comics up to now have spelled out the issue number in text, which 1) looks ugly; 2) takes space away from the art; 3) requires brain effort to convert to a number. I can’t understand why they ever thought spelling out numbers in text was a good idea.

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