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Presented by Diamond based on sales impact and overall quality, the 2010 Gem Awards reflect the same bestsellers we’ve been talking about here for a while: SCOTT PILGRIM, WALKING DEAD, BRIGHTEST DAY, SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, KICK-ASS. Complete list below:

“We’re proud to honor the top-selling products from last year,” said Diamond President and CEO Steve Geppi. “We congratulate the 2010 Gem Award winners, who truly deserve this recognition as the valued publishers and suppliers that keep our industry growing.”

For the second year running, DC Comics took the Comic Book Publisher of the Year award in 2010 for the multi-million dollar comic book specialty market. DC also took home the most Gem Awards with ten, matching their total for 2009, with notable awards including Comic Book of the Year Under $3.00 for Brightest Day #1, Comic Book of the Year Over $3.00 for Batman: The Return #1, and Original Graphic Novel of the Year for J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis’ best-selling Superman: Earth One hardcover.

“Ten Gem Awards! For a second year in row! A great big thank you to all of our retailers around the world for this unprecedented show of support!” said DC Comics’ Bob Wayne, Senior Vice President, Sales.

Marvel Comics took home two Gem Awards, both for Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.’s best-selling creator-owned series Kick-Ass. The collected edition of the first series, the Kick-Ass Premiere hardcover was the Best Licensed TP/HC of the year, and Kick-Ass 2 #1 was the Best Licensed Comic Book of the Year.

Oregon publisher Dark Horse Comics was recognized as the Manga Publisher of the Year for their wide line-up of
titles, ranging from the Neon Genesis Evangelion spin-offs to Oh My Goddess! and many more. Image Comics
had the Best Reprint TP/HC of the Year with The Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone, the latest volume of
Robert Kirkman’s best-selling zombie series (and the basis for AMC’s top-rated television series).

Other publishers taking home Gem Awards include BOOM! Studios as 2010’s Comic Book Publisher of the Year Under 4% Market Share for the second year running; Oni Press with the Best Indie Graphic Novel of the Year with Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, the sixth and final volume of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series; and Yen Press with the Best Manga of the Year with Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1, the first volume of a 2-part adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling vampire romance.

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The Gem Awards are selected in a three-step process that is based on quality, creativity, and their overall sales impact. Nominees were selected by a panel of Diamond industry professionals from all products shipped in 2010 and then voted on by the most critical segment that serves the comic book-buying public — comic book specialty retailers across the United States and abroad.

2010 Diamond Gem Award Winners
2010 Suppliers of the Year

2010 Comic Book Publisher of the Year Over 4% Market Share
DC Comics

2010 Comic Book Publisher of the Year Under 4% Market Share
BOOM! Studios

2010 Backlist Publisher of the Year
DC Comics

2010 Manga Publisher of the Year
Dark Horse Comics

2010 Game Manufacturer of the Year
Wizards of the Coast (WotC)

2010 Toy Manufacturer of the Year
DC Direct

2010 Products of the Year

2010 Comic Book of the Year Under $3.00
Brightest Day #1 – DC Comics

2010 Comic Book of the Year Over $3.00
Batman: The Return #1 – DC Comics

Kick Ass.jpeg
2010 Licensed Comic Book of the Year
Kick-Ass 2 #1 – Marvel Comics

2010 Licensed TP/HC of the Year
Kick-Ass Premiere HC – Marvel Comics

2010 Original GN of the Year
Superman: Earth One HC – DC Comics

2010 Reprint TP/HC of the Year
The Walking Dead Vol. 13: Too Far Gone – Image Comics

2010 Manga of the Year
Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1 HC – Yen Press

2010 Indie GN of the Year
Scott Pigrim’s Finest Hour GN (Volume 6) – Oni Press

2010 Anthology TP of the Year
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard HC – Archaia Entertainment

2010 Trade Book of the Year
75 Years of DC Comics HC – Taschen

2010 Game Product of the Year
DC HeroClix: Blackest Night Starter Set – WizKids/NECA

2010 Toy Product of the Year
Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set – DC Direct

2010 Toy Line of the Year
Blackest Night Action Figures – DC Direct

2010 Collectable Statue of the Year
Cover Girls of the DCU Statue: Harley Quinn – DC Direct

2010 Mini Bust of the Year
Women of the DCU Series 3: Batgirl Bust – DC Direct


  1. I find it very telling that two years in a row DC has faired strong in these awards. What does that say about the retailer/Marvel relationship?

  2. Twilight… is the best manga to Diamond? Brilliant. Now I like Yen Press and I’m glad it made money for them, but that book was no more manga than a Rob Liefeld comic is. How many hundreds of manga were better done than that Twilight garbage? You can’t escape that manga is a Japanese word for Japanese comics. You could nitpick and say they used a Korean artist, thus making it manhwa, but it’s still an American publication based on an American book and all produced by an American company. Well, I guess to Diamond all Asians are the same and if you draw huge manga eyes on a character they might as well be Japanese. I keep saying it. We used to be racist and say the Japanese all looked the same with their ‘slant eyes’. Now the old racist stereotypes show up conversely and say comics are Japanese if they have their large cartoon eyes.

    Never mind Diamond sucks for manga anyway. My old shop used to get titles I ordered late if at all. The one I would find missing volumes at and now go to for manga actually changed distributors. Diamond was constantly failing them. So when it comes to manga, don’t even bother with Diamond. Too bad for American comics retailers don’t have another option besides them.