IGN has the details on a weekly Digital First Wonder Woman series, Sensation Comics, named after the 40s comic that prominently featured the Amazon warrior. It’s doubtless both a trademark win (when trademarks are abandoned others can use them) and a win for the oft left in the corner third leg of the DC Big Three. According to IGN

To give you an idea of the type of stories we’ll be seeing, Adventures of Superman saw Superman’s first time meeting the Joker, a battle against Mongul, and an encounter with the guilt-stricken Green Lantern who was in charge of protecting Krypton. Legends of the Dark Knight featured a story with cult-favorite character Slam Bradley trying to solve the same case as Batman, a Riddler story full of riddles, and a tale that saw the Joker help Batman track down Clayface. So a mix of classic stories, interesting character pairings, and unique situations. Best of all for longtime, nostalgic comic book readers, these stories featured pre-New 52 costumes, red super-trunks included.

DC previously offered The Adventures of SUperman and Legends of the Dark Knight digital comics starring Batman and Superman. Like those two, Sensation Comics will be collected for print every third issue. The previous two series also ran for a couple of years before being cancelled but were generally successful along the way.

Creative teams announced thus far include a kick-off series by Gail Simone and Ethan van Sciver. And then Lauren Beukes, Cecil Castellucci, Amanda Deibert, Caitlin Kittredge, James Tynion IV, Georges Jeanty, Chris Sprouse, and Cat Staggs. The art released with the story is by Renae de Liz so I don’t think this will be going full on Lumberjanes, but expect to see some unconventional creators on the series, as with the previous two digital comics.


  1. Thanks for reporting this. I like the DC Digital stuff a lot. I know an ex-WildStorm guy runs this division, but it always feels like WildStorm doing DC in these books, that freewheelingness energy. Miss that. Nice to see Cecil Castellucci in that lineup; loved Plain Janes.

  2. Adventures of Superman, Legends of the Dark Knight and now, Sensation Comics just all point out how terrible the Poo52 v is when those “new,” characterization-free versions of these characters are so unappealing, (and in the cases of Superman and Wonder Woman) so unrecognizable that they can’t be used as outreach to the growing pool of readers of nontraditional formats.

  3. “You wrote ‘poo52′ and are theoretically an adult. Think on that.”

    I double-down on it. Calling the Poo52 crap is giving it dignity that it doesn’t deserve, but my swear jar is full.

  4. @Rob j.
    Your argument would hold some water if Superman and Batman digital comics weren’t cancelled due to low sales.

    Besides it doesn’t feel like DC has tried to have same concepts in all of their media like Marvel.

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