Sure, new episodes of DC Super Hero Girls may be going on a brief hiatus after this week. Thankfully though, the official DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel has fans covered for awhile with delightful online shorts until full-length episodes return. In the latest DCSHG short, we get a glimpse of Harley Quinn (Tara Strong) and Poison Ivy (Cristina Milizia) spending some quality time in their civilian identities.

Though we got an early glimpse of Poison Ivy in an earlier short #HashtagFrownyFace this is the first time we’ve seen her as Pamela Isley. Last SDCC when I interviewed DCSHG producer Jennifer Kluska during press roundtables, she described Poison Ivy as a “waif” comparing her to Ally Sheedy’s character from The Breakfast Club. It’s a true testament to voice actress Cristina Milizia how she’s able to embody Pamela as a wallflower yet also portray a more lively spirited version of the character when she’s in her Poison Ivy identity. Guess a little makeup does go a long way.

As I mentioned in my WonderCon coverage, Milizia is the first actress to play Green Lantern Jessica Cruz in media outside of comics. And though she’s not voicing Cruz in DCSHG it’s rather fitting Milizia plays Poison Ivy. Beyond the obvious penchant for the color green, this version of Jessica Cruz is an environmental activist, a nice parallel with Poison Ivy’s more extreme views on nature. Thus far we’ve had episodes focused on individual villains including Star Sapphire, Giganta, Livewire, and Catwoman. Definitely looking forward to when Pamela Isley and her plant Phil get to shine in the main show!